Best RV Wifi Booster Antenna Reviews

Connectivity is still important even when you are on the road or camping out in the middle of nowhere. You would want to make sure you still have access to the outside world through the internet just in case of emergency. It also helps you keep track of news and reports on social media that could affect your camping life.

But when you are out in the mountains or when you are on the road, it can be hard to use the internet. This is why you should consider investing on a good RV wifi booster. This is a device that strengthens and broadens your wifi connection, which comes handy when you are on the road and connectivity is unpredictable.

In this article, you will learn more about RV wifi boosters, which products to get and buying tips that will help you find the best one.

Wifi Booster, Extender and Repeater: Are They Different?

When checking out wifi boosters in the market, you may also come across different terms like extenders and repeaters. They all seem to do the same thing, which is enhance your connectivity. Basically, these devices have similar functions. They enhance wifi coverage. However, not all of them will work in a uniform manner. Which one you should get will depend on your existing connectivity problems.

Some wifi issues can be rectified by simply relocating the device to a more conducive location where it will be able to receive signal. However, if you have relocated it to a good place but it’s still insufficient, you could turn to a wifi extender. What it does is send the internal signal in your RV or home’s electrical system. It is easy to set up and it produces fast results. You basically just plug it and use it. The only problem with this is that it can impact the way your electrical connections run. If you have limited electrical resources like in an RV, it might not be the best choice.

A wifi repeater, on the other hand, makes use of two wireless routers. One of the routers is in charge of picking up signal from a wifi network you already have in your RV. That signal will then be transferred to the other router, thereby enhancing the signal. It is also a cinch to install and commonly preferred in outdoor settings.

The repeater and the extender are both wifi boosters. You should consider their benefits and downsides to determine which one is the best option for your RV.

Best RV Wifi Booster Reviews

Here are the RV Wifi Boosters we recommend getting:

  • Bearifi BearExtender Outdoor RV & Marine High Power USB Wi-Fi Extender
  • Alfa WiFi Camp Pro Long Range WiFi Repeater Kit
  • RedPort Halo Long Range Marine & RV Wi-Fi Extender System
  • Securifi Almond Touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router/Range Extender

The following are some of the things you need to know about this:

1. Bearifi BearExtender Outdoor RV & Marine High Power USB Wi-Fi Extender

Bearifi BearExtender Outdoor RV & Marine High Power USB Wi-Fi Extender Click for Price

This is what you should get if you are only looking for a wifi booster for one device. When connected to a computer, it does its work in extending the signal for that device. It connects to a computer with the use of a USB cable. It is not ideal for multiple devices but if you only need it for one device, this should be the best choice for you.

It has a reliable range of 802.11n 2.4 GHz, which is better than many boosters out there. It already has a directional antenna built in the system. You don’t need to plug it in as it operates using your computer’s power.


This does a great job boosting connectivity. Even if it only works on one device, it is reliable and offers a steady signal. It is cheaper than others as well, so if you need more of this to boost connectivity for more than one device, you can get more of it.

It is IP65 certified water resistant, perfect for RV use. The cage is also resistant to dust and has been treated with anti-corrosion coating as well as an anti-UV protection coating.

You are given different options for mounting. You can use a tripod, a metal pole or a mounting strap. It is easy to set up. Using it for your computer is also a cinch because it is compatible with most newer operating systems.


Some said this is better when mounted outside.

2. Alfa WiFi Camp Pro Long Range WiFi Repeater Kit

Alfa WiFi Camp Pro Long Range WiFi Repeater Kit Click for Price

This product is a combination of USB wireless adapters from Tube series, R36 WiFi router, ALFA network outdoor antenna and Camp Pro. With such a set-up, you can be assured that you are getting the best wifi connectivity in your RV. You can boost WiFi signal of multiple devices such as laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. It is the perfect choice for families who might be using multiple devices while in an RV.


It does a great job in extending wifi network range. It is also ideal to use in an RV because it comes with both an AC and a DC adapter. It offers more flexibility when you are on the road.

A lot of users said they did not have issues with installation. It went smoothly as it comes with everything needed for the installation. They also commented on how durable and well-made the parts are. They don’t feel like they will break any time.

There is also a good technical support from the manufacturing company. If you encounter issues with installation, just give them a message and they will get back to you.

There were customers who said they did not have issues streaming movies with this one. It also held up well against different road conditions.


You might need to upgrade the firmware to get a more decent speed.

3. RedPort Halo Long Range Marine & RV Wi-Fi Extender System

RedPort Halo Long Range Marine & RV Wi-Fi Extender System Click for Price

This stainless steel wifi booster has a rod style that broadens your wifi’s coverage. You can stay in an RV and a boat and not have to worry about not being able to connect to the outside world. It is capable of connecting multiple devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets. And because it is made from marine-grade materials, this will not succumb to corrosion. You can easily place it outside and it will be able to withstand harsh conditions.


A lot of people said this is the best wifi booster they have ever tried. It did not just boost connectivity, it even helped boost speed. Those who were able to install it had an easier time downloading and streaming with this product in tow.

It doesn’t even need to be mounted outside. Some people achieved good results even when the device is just sitting on a table using a mount that you can also get with it.

It feels very well-made. It can withstand a good amount of abuse in an RV or in a boat. It is also lightweight.

It comes with a 1-year limited warranty. You are also getting a good support from the manufacturing company in case you encounter issues with your device.


It is one of the most expensive wifi boosters out there, but many customers said they are willing to spend that much money again on it because of how well it works.

4. Securifi Almond Touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router/Range Extender

Securifi Almond Touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router-Range Extender Click for Price

This is one of the easiest wifi boosters to set up. You can connect it in just 3 minutes, thanks to its touchscreen feature. In fact, it is the only router that has a touchscreen feature. You don’t need to connect it to a computer to set up. It is a multi-purpose device. You can use it as a router or a range extender. It also functions as a wireless bridge and an access point.


You are getting more than just a wifi booster. This also works as a wireless bridge, range extender and a router, making this the best option for those who want to save money from buying multiple devices.

It boasts of superior security. Even right out of the box, it already boasts of features that prevent others from getting into your system.

It is compatible with the Amazon Alexa. If you have this, you can easily control your gadgets through voice prompts.

It offers parental control, which helps you keep track of your children’s internet usage. You can also use this to manage how long your kids can use the internet.

It is one of the easiest to set up. Even those who don’t have experience setting up wifi boosters and routers will find this easy to use. This is why it’s a good choice if you prefer something mobile or portable.


Some said it tends to reset when you lose power even just for a few seconds.

Which One Should You Get?

If you only need a wifi booster for one laptop, get the Bearifi BearExtender Outdoor RV & Marine High Power USB Wi-Fi Extender. It is a great choice for RV and camping needs because it is resistant to wear and tear, UV rays and corrosion. You can place it outside as well because of these properties.

For those looking for an effective wifi booster good for different devices, the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro Long Range WiFi Repeater Kit is a good option. It is more expensive but you are getting everything you might need for an efficient setup. You can stream your favorite movies and get a decent speed with this one.

If you want faster speed and better connectivity for all your various devices, the RedPort Halo Long Range Marine & RV Wi-Fi Extender System is a fitting option. It is well-made and can withstand some rough handling.

The Securifi Almond Touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router/Range Extender is a good option if you are looking for a multi-purpose device that works more than just a wireless router.

Tips in Buying RV Wifi Booster

To ensure that you are getting the best wifi booster for your RV, here are more things you need to keep in mind:

Keep your needs and preferences in mind.

There are so many choices out there. This is why you should narrow it down to just those that fit your needs. If you need something that can offer connectivity for more devices, go for something that will allow that. There are those wifi boosters that can only be connected to one device.

Consider capability.

Not every wifi booster out there is truly capable of boosting your wifi to the level you want. Some might only improve wifi connectivity by a little bit while there are those that truly make a big difference. For RV use, it makes more sense to choose those that can immediately increase your connectivity and can even see more than 20 connections. Make sure it is capable of addressing your needs. If you plan on doing a lot of streaming or downloading, go for those with a more capable output.

It should be durable.

Since you will use it for outdoor life and you will most likely install some of them outside your RV, make sure it is made from durable materials that can withstand corrosion and UV rays. Choose those that have a good built and are unlikely to break easily.

Easy to install.

Installation should be painless unless you want to hire a professional to make it work. Pick products that are easy to install and those that do not require too much configurations.

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