Best 12V TV Reviews

Your life on the road shouldn’t be devoid of the luxuries and comfort you are used to in your own home. If you own an RV and you use it a lot for vacations and road trips, one of the things you would want to invest on is the best TV for RV. If you bring kids with you on your vacation, the TV will surely be a lifesaver. It will keep those young kids from being bored during the trip.

There is no shortage of good TVs for RVs out there. You just need to find one that has the features and specifications that fit your needs. We took it upon ourselves to find the best TVs for RVs based on their road worthiness, clarity of picture and sound, compatibility with RVs and price. Keep on reading to know more about our recommendations.

Do You Really Need an RV TV or Will a Regular TV Suffice?

The vibrations and shaking of an RV can affect a regular flat screen TV, particularly a plasma one. If you are buying a flat screen TV for your RV, make sure you steer clear from the plasma TVs as they will surely get damaged from all those bumpy roads. But other than that, a flat screen TV should still be a good option if you have intentions of buying it. You would have to consider keeping it solidly restrained though to avoid risks of damaging the TV and ensure that your RV has the right AC/DC set up that works for the TV you got.

What makes RV TV different from regular television sets is that they are already hardwired for RVs, so there are minimum conversions needed. They are also considerably shock-proof, so they can withstand some vibrations along the way.

RV TVs tend to be more expensive than their regular flat screen counterparts but considering how they can hold up well against rugged handling, these TVs are worth the extra costs. It also brings more peace of mind. Some users of regular flat screen TVs worry about the effects of driving on the television, so they get an extended warranty just in case.

Best TV for RV Reviews

Here are the TVs we find to be the best choices for RVs:

  • Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready LED TV with Integrated HDTV
  • Axess HD TV/DVD Combo with External Soundbar Speaker
  • SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV
  • Free Signal TV Transit 32” LED Flat Screen HDTV for RV

Check out what these products have to offer:

Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready LED TV with Integrated HDTV

Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready LED TV with Integrated HDTV Click for Price

This HD-ready television that offers 1080p, 720p and 480p resolutions is specifically designed for RV use. What makes this different from other television sets is that it is housed in a rugged metal cabinet to protect it from extra movements and vibrations. It has accessible front controls, wireless remote control and an easy-to-mount system.

It operates using DC12V power system and has a power consumption of 11mA on stand by and 1.960A when used to its maximum. It also has 5.5 pounds of weight.


This is a cinch to setup. It already comes with 12V wiring so many people did not have to do conversions. You just need to wire it to your existing power source.

It can be used as a laptop monitor as well if you want to work with a bigger screen.

Picture quality is top-notch. A lot of customers commented on how clear the picture is.

It does a great job withstanding excessive movements. It isn’t just good for RV use, it is also perfect to use in boats or any vehicle that vibrate or move a lot.


Some customers said the remote control was big and can be difficult to grip. They also wished it came with a manual to make its functions and installation easier to understand. It also more expensive than other similar-sized flat screen TVs.

Axess HD TV/DVD Combo with External Soundbar Speaker

Axess HD TV-DVD Combo with External Soundbar Speaker Click for Price

This might be more affordable, but it does work in an RV just as well as the previous model. It has a maximum TV resolution of 1366 x 768, great for those HD shows and movies. With a 16.7 million display color, you should be able to see a wide array of colors. It has an input terminal for a cable or an antenna, an audio unit, component, computer, HDMI, VGA, SD Card and USB.

What sets this apart from the others is its built-in sound bar. It delivers the best sound quality while giving you enhanced picture quality.


This TV has just the right size. It works for RV spaces and doesn’t take up a lot of wall space.

The picture quality for this TV is superior. You can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies with this. It is backed by great sound quality as well. Because the speaker is integrated, you get a good distribution of sound. Many customers also said the sound quality is still up to par even when there are high noise levels around.

It also comes with a DVD, so you don’t need to buy one. There are also fewer things to set up as all you need for entertainment is in this TV already.

The price point is also ideal. It is not too expensive for an RV TV.


Some said the media player can’t support new formats of videos such as mkv. There are also those who struggled with the mounting screws included.

SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV</h4>
SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV Click for Price

This is a good HDTV with a reasonable price that many RV users will find accessible. It boasts of good picture quality and an HDMI input that ensures you are getting the best entertainment experience. It also has noise reduction features. It eliminates noise interferences, so you can watch your favorite shows without distractions.

You can store your favorite movies in a USB and plug it in the TV to view them. It also has a PC input, allowing you to make use of this as a computer monitor.


This has the best high-definition screens. You can see clear details, making this an ideal tool for viewing your favorite movies and TV shows.

It has a clean and streamlined look that won’t be intrusive in your RV space.

It is small and great for limited spaces like an RV. It is also light in weight. Many customers also did not have issues installing it.


It doesn’t have the best view in side angles. It has a decent sound quality but not the best as the speakers are just small.

Free Signal TV Transit 32” LED Flat Screen HDTV for RV

Free Signal TV Transit 32” LED Flat Screen HDTV for RVClick for Price

This is a 32-inch LED TV that delivers superior picture quality. It is the best when it comes to lightweight properties as this TV can really be lugged around with ease. It shouldn’t be difficult to install in your RV.

Equipped with a good noise reduction system and dynamic audio response, you should be able to enjoy what you are watching and get the best sound quality no matter where you are. It comes with a stand, but you can also easily mount it on a wall.


This is one of the best when it comes to picture and sound quality. You are getting a home theatre-like experience if you get this one for your RV.

It is also highly compatible with moving vehicles such as RVs and boats. Customers didn’t have a lot of issues installing it with their current electrical set-up.

It is lightweight. You don’t have to worry that it will crash down when driving your RV. You can mount it with ease.

It is very responsive and comes with 3 different HDMI inputs. The brightness level ensures you are getting the best picture quality no matter what the lighting conditions in your RV is.

It comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. It is also backed by a good tech support who will answer any questions you might have about this product.


It is a bit more expensive than the others.

Which One Should You Get?

The Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready LED TV with Integrated HDTV is specifically designed for RV use. If you are looking for one that will truly withstand all that shaking and vibrating from traveling, choose this one. You will have to spend more on it than a regular TV, but it does provide long-term benefits.

If you don’t want to deal with a lot of accessories and gadgets, get the Axess HD TV/DVD Combo with External Soundbar Speaker. This TV already has a speaker integrated and included DVD all sold with a modest price. Get this if you want these additional features in your RV TV.

The SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV is a less expensive model. It is smaller, which will make this an ideal choice for small spaces like an RV. It is devoid of all the bells and whistles you might be looking for in an entertainment system but if you only need something to watch movies or check out the news on TV while in an RV, this should be the ideal choice.

If you are looking for something with the best picture and sound quality and don’t care much about how much it will cost you, the Free Signal TV Transit 32” LED Flat Screen HDTV for RV is the perfect choice for you. It has superior functions when it comes to these features.

Buying Guide for RV TVs

Check out the products mentioned above but make sure you also think of the following buying tips when choosing the right TV for your RV:

Size and weight. Because there is a limited space in an RV, it’s important that you pay attention to size and choose one that will not take up all the space you have. Try measuring the space allotted for the TV first and use that as a guide to determine how big of a TV you need. Also consider weight. The lighter this appliance, the better, so that it will not add up to the weight that your RV is already carrying. A lighter television might also be easier to install and carry with you.

Connectivity Options. Make sure it is compatible with the electrical setup you already have in your RV, so you don’t need to do conversions anymore. If you have to do conversions, you might need to buy more tools or hire a professional to get the job done.

Energy Consumption. How much energy does it consume? Will it drain your energy source a lot? Compare energy usage so you can determine which of these televisions will be the best choice for you.

Ability to Withstand Vibrations. You will be on the road a lot. It makes sense to choose one that has a built-in capability of withstanding shaking and vibration. This way, the television will last you for a long time. A regular television might not hold up well against excessive movements.

Warranty and Customer Service. Consider buying one with a good warranty. They should be able to replace the product if it was delivered defective or there were features that are not working. Make sure it is backed by a good customer service, so you will be able to contact them in case the need arises.

Price. Usually, those that have more features and the ability to withstand more shaking are more expensive. Find out if you can do away with only a few features, so you can cut back on costs. It all boils down to personal preferences.

What to Do Next?

Choose the television that is the best choice for you. Click that product link and learn more about what these televisions have to offer.

We also recommend checking out our homepage. You need more than just a TV to keep your RV comfortable enough to act like a second home. Find out what other products you can include in your RV to make your home away from home a great place to live in.