Since you’ve taken the time to visit this page, we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and help you get to know us a little better!

We’re glad you’ve visited us at RVs Guide. We know there are all sorts of websites, periodicals and blogs about mobile homes and RV lifestyles. We’re different from other sites in a whole bunch of ways.

For starters, we’re not sponsored by any brands or manufacturers. Unlike most periodicals and websites, we’re not obliged to recommend anything we’re not actually thrilled about. You can count on us to be completely impartial when we review equipment and accessories for mobile homes. No sponsored plugs here! All the products we recommend are on this site because they deserve to be–not because someone’s paid us to feature them. We don’t look at certain brands over the competition, and we aren’t sent free demo units to bias our thinking. We’re 100% objective and unbiased.

And while we do spend an awful lot of our time reviewing and writing about RV gear, we make a conscious effort to write from and for the perspective of the average RV owner. We’re not going to spend lots of time raving about equipment that only 1% of owners can actually afford. That’s one area where we think the other folks writing about mobile homes could stand to improve. We try to help the average buyer find high-quality equipment that’s practical, accessible, and genuinely going to improve your quality of life on the road and at the campground. When we think you genuinely ought to invest a little more for a big upgrade, we’ll tell you and explain why. In a lot of other cases, we’ll explain how to spend your money wisely and get the most bang for your buck without breaking the bank!

We’ll also avoid jargon. We know that the average RV owner isn’t a trained mechanic, plumber, or electrical engineer. That’s why we try to explain all the products we feature in plain English. We definitely want to help you find RV gear that meets your needs, but we also want you to leave our site feeling more informed about how RVs work and how the products we recommend are different from the competition in their category. That’s why all our buying guides are designed to help you understand how a specific piece of equipment works, as well as which ones we think are worth buying.

Finally, we make sure to constantly check in on all the buying guides we’ve created. We’re always on the lookout for the next great piece of equipment. Rest assured that when you visit our site, all our recommendations are up to date and still the best on the market in their category.

Meet Our Team

Ezra Turner: our resident expert on all things electrical, Ezra is our technical guru. He’s the best at explaining exactly how things work, and figuring out all those kinks and issues with compatibility that are so common with RVs. Ezra and his wife have lived full-time in an RV for 4 years now, going on 5!

Nanci Baker: Nanci is our in-house lifestyle writer. She’s been blogging about RV living for years, and loves reviewing the latest appliances, conveniences, and creature comforts for mobile homes. She currently lives in Arizona, and travels with her husband to coastal California in their RV every summer.

Ally Farnsworth: Ally is our point person for all things internet! She’s our webmaster, editor, and outreach person when it comes to social media and online publishing. She’s just bought a little piece of land in New Hampshire, and is excited to turn it into a personal campground over the coming years!

Thanks so much for visiting RVs Guide and for making us your main source for all things mobile home!